Atıksu Geri Kazanımı


Wastewater Recovery

SWe are working with all our strength for the recovery of water in all other industries, especially in the textile sector.

MBR systems (membrane bio reactors) are widely used in the recovery of water.

As Suwell, we achieve high efficiency by designing according to the process. It provides sustainable and less cost advantages to businesses by recovering 70-75% of wastewater.


Working Areas

Suwell Produces Sustainable Water Treatment and Wastewater Recovery Systems in Many Sectors. Using High Quality Purification Devices, Suwell; It carries out projects in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Sanayi Su ArıtımıIndustrial Water Treatment
Denizsuyu Arıtımı Seawater Treatment
Atıksu Arıtımı Wastewater Treatment
Atıksu Geri Kazanımı Wastewater Recovery